Fine Art. Bespoke orders. Happiness.

SSONIX is a contemporary artist exploring typography as a tool to record and discover dialogues and hidden symbolism. The source of inspiration in her creativity is human nature, a decision-making process and words people say due to emotional expression. SSONIX uses glass as a material but mainly uses paint on canvas and paper and takes commercial commissions. During the week, she works for Tate Modern, Royal Greenwich Museums and manages her online shop on Etsy. Last year, the artist collaborated and took part in numerous exhibitions with Catford Arts Trail, Deptford X Festival, Camberwell Art Festival and Erotic Art Exhibition London.


Group shows:
2019 – The Blurry Vision,  Deptford X Festival, Deptford Does Art, London, UK
2019 – The Point Of No Point, Deptford X Festival, The Bohemians Salon, London, UK
2019 – Erotic Art Exhibition, Oxo Tower, London, UK
2019 – The cARToon Gallery, Catford Arts Trail, London, UK
2013 – The Market Art, Słodownia +1, Old Brewery, Poznań, Poland
2013 – The Paintball, Arsenal Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2013 – The Profesors and students in Palm House, Palm House, Poznań, Poland
2011 – The Drawing is, MBWA Gallery, Leszno, Poland

Individual :
2014 – Whistle ,Galeria Naprzeciw, Poznań, Poland
2014 – Sonia Sawińska, Mercator, Poznań, Poland

2014– Post / Graffiti, Meskal, Poznań, Poland