Fine Art. Bespoke orders. Happiness.

In my opinion, art is tattoo alike - attaches to the personal experience and comes up to an intimate appeal. 

We are living in a wonderful time when is an opportunity that are creating awareness what really are humanism, tolerance, respect, unmasking the cons of discrimination and inequality across all issues. 

For me, as a painter, it is always an occasion to explore exclusively an identity of each of us to take a lid off stereotypes. 


Group shows:
2017 –  The Sculpture Street, Southend - On - Sea, UK
2013 – The Market Art, Słodownia +1, Old Brewery, Poznań, Poland
2013 – The Paintball, Arsenal Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2013 – The Profesors and students in Palm House, Palm House, Poznań, Poland
2011 – The Drawing is, MBWA Gallery, Leszno, Poland

Individual :
2014 – Whistle ,Galeria Naprzeciw, Poznań, Poland
2014 – Sonia Sawińska, Mercator, Poznań, Poland

2014– Post / Graffiti, Meskal, Poznań, Poland

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